Q: How do I book a session?

          Q: What will happen in the first holistic bodywork session?

          Q: Should I tip?

          Q: What is a licensed massage therapist?

Q: How do I book a session?

A: Call 314-954-1531 or e-mail star@instrinsicbalance.com  letting me know your preferred dates and times and best way to reach you. I will get back within a business day or less.

Q: What will happen in the first holistic bodywork session?

A: To start, we will talk about what brought you in and fill in some paper work.  This is a good time also to ask any questions about holistic bodywork. Once you are set, I will leave the room to allow you to disrobe to your comfort level and make yourself comfortable under the linens on the massage table.  When you are ready I will return, readjust the face cradle, bolster, and temperature to your liking. When the massage is complete, I will exit the room and return once you signal you are dressed and ready by opening the door.  On my return we will discuss how you feel, set the next appointment if you wish and take care of the payment. On average a session includes five minutes of evaluation and one hour and fifteen minutes of holistic bodywork.

 Q: When is a good time to ask questions?

A: Any time is a good time to ask questions or provide feedback on how you are feeling.


 Q: What do you wear to a session and how much do you disrobe?

A: At all times during the holistic bodywork you will be properly draped by the linens on the massage table. Your comfort level is the most important factor during the massage; you should feel free to wear the amount of clothing you need to feel fully relaxed. People maybe nude under the linens to completely dressed in loose comfy clothing.


 Q: Should I tip?

A: Because I am a sole practitioner, there is no need to tip.  In a spa or other situation where the massage therapist is working for an organization, the therapist may be paid only a small percentage of the billed rate. In those cases it is customary to tip the therapist, the same way you would tip your server at a restaurant.  


 Q: Can I pay by credit card?

A: Yes! I take VISA, Master Card, Discover or American Express after checking a photo ID. I use the Square credit card reader that connects with my phone.


 Q: Where is the parking for Intrinsic Balance?

A: You can parallel park in front of the building on Big Bend Boulevard. or on West side of the street of Chamberlain Street which is just West of the building and East of the Scholar Shop. There is also public parking behind the Novel Neighbor opposite my building.

 Q: How do I reschedule or cancel?

A: Call 314-954-1531 with 24 hours notice to reschedule or cancel. You will be charged full rate for missed sessions.


 Q: How often should I get holistic bodywork? 

A: There is no universal answer to this question. Everyone lives a unique life with individual stresses and ways of diminishing stress. However with each session, I learn more about your body’s responses and become more attuned to your needs. We also learn to work together. Scheduling holistic bodywork in regular intervals can be come excellent preventive maintenance.


 Q: Should I look for anything between massage sessions?

A: To maximize the benefits of massage to its always a good idea to eat well, get plenty of water, have consistent and enough sleep, exercise with time to stretch, good posture while sitting or standing, and time each day to take a few minutes to breath deeply and relax.


 Q: Do you offer massage therapy in the work environment?

A: Yes. For a work environment massage day I bring a massage chair.  I will need a quiet place to setup and a list of appointments so I know who to expect and when they will arrive.

  Q: Do you sell gift certificates?

A: Yes gift certificates are available and a great way to say Happy Birthday or Anniversary, Thank You, Congratulations, and We are Thinking of You. 


 Q: What is a licensed massage therapist? 

A: A profession massage therapist who has finished all the schooling requirements, completing, filling and having the state required paperwork approved is a licensed massage therapist. Every licensed massage therapist has a license number to verify their completion of these requirements with the state.