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My Story

I grew up in a small town 50 miles south of Saint Louis.  The small town provided an expanse of opportunities for me as a wanderer – something I really needed… There is no doubt I was deeply loved as a child, however, what I remember most is turbulence and anger. Things often felt out of whack.


With gratitude I reflect how our house was tucked back in the woods, providing the perfect setting for wanderlust and escape. Being able to hike around and discover nature in her true forms helped me sort and sift through many thoughts. It gave me an inner silence and strength. I found some sense of balance for myself, if only for limited moments.


After high school I began to see a path I liked hiking towards – bodywork and the other healing arts. I jumped right in, running down the path. Massage therapy school was defiantly off the beaten path in 1997. Our state wasn’t licensed for massage therapy training, so there weren’t many schools. People went to massage school for many reasons, but making a sustainable living was not one of them. Without any real curriculum established, I had to take what I could find.


I started with the basic massage class and worked at a café to keep real life moving.  Next, I learned Zen Shiatsu and was introduced to the Five Phase Theory in Asian bodywork. Wow! I was hooked. It seemed so complicated at the time and yet, made so much sense. Instead of “healing” it became about balance and the inner wealth of a person. The body is capable of healing many things itself if we know how to act as the level, providing the space and balance for our bodies to get to the right work.  As my discovery expanded from a passion to a work in action, I supported myself giving chair massages in the mall, working part time at a coffee shop and babysitting.  My unfolding dream felt like a good hike, challenging the muscles, dazzling scenery, and a longing to see the view from the summit.


My dream grew to reality when I met a wonderful chiropractor. We both new we would work well together, so when she moved offices she made sure there was enough room for me. Over the five years we worked together, we found our personalities were very different. Sometimes we would just laugh at how different. We also shared many similarities, excellent quality in the service and caring about customers. I learned so much! It felt good to have a steady office and to support myself on just massage therapy. 


When she decided it was time to sell her practice, I was grateful for the stepping stone she had provided and became excited about being on my own with my business.  It was time to forge the stream on my path as a solo entrepreneur and test out all the things I had learned.


Now my business is located on the second floor of small building in Webster Groves. Thanks to the trees outside, my therapy room has a comfortable, tree house feel. 


When I was talking to a friend about writing this mini biography, she warmed my heart with what she said: “Star not only have you taken the path less traveled, you have hiked on to cut your own trail.”

Each massage session is customized for you, designed to help you move toward a greater state of balance.